Labelle bodycare Pvt. Ltd. (SMM)

Labelle Body Care SMM

La Belle Weight Loss Clinic, Slimming Centre, Skin and Hair Related Services
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The highlights

ZestPro Facebook Ad campaigns delivered significant wins for the client, increasing its conversions by up to 43.48 percent.


ZestPro Social Media Marketing efforts boosted the client’s digital presence and positioned its website in front of high-converting audience segments. With increased online visibility, the company generated more clicks, impressions and conversions for its high-priority Services.

Labelle Body Care Social Media Profile and Website
5000 - Leads
150 - Lead Per cost
300 - Conversion every month


Within only two months of the launch of the SMM campaign, our team has driven 100+ conversions. Our Facebook campaign has also generated the following results month-over-month (MoM):
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
130% ROI

From The Client

They worked closely to keep us apprised of the many and varied metrics we track. We have been pleased with the behind the scenes work which ZestPro drove through Marketing and their expertise in advising us of related Pages improvements. We are impressed with the sustained improvements that our continued work with ZestPro yields and look forward to further growth and expansion.
Team Leader, Labelle